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《Air era》To a new way of life


Since the end of the year 2020, the term “air era” has been frequently mentioned in the media. From the end of the year 2020 to the beginning of the year 2021, it has become a hot topic, and books about the “air era” are often sold in bookstores. So, what is this “air era” all about?

Once in 200 years, a turning point in time.

In fact, on December 22, 2020, Western astrology had a major milestone to celebrate. How big of a milestone is it? It’s a once-in-200-years milestone! No wonder people who don’t know much about astrology are talking about it. This milestone is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

You may not be familiar with the term conjunction, but it is a phenomenon in which planets come very close to each other. It is a phenomenon where two planets overlap at 0 degrees in the horoscope. As you can imagine from the size of the conjunction, Jupiter, which symbolizes good fortune and development, and Saturn, which symbolizes perseverance and hard work and is also called the “planet of trials,” will be approaching each other. It is during this period of mixed fortune and bad fortune that major turning points can occur.

This Great Conjunction itself is visited once every 20 years. So why is it getting so much attention now? For the past 200 years, the Great Conjunction has been occurring in the earth signs, but this time it is occurring in the Air signs. In the next 200 years, this phenomenon will occur in the Air Zodiac.

Aquarius = Into the Age of Air Element.

Western astrology categorizes the twelve signs of the zodiac into four elements (fire, earth, air, and water).

Fire → intuition, passion, self-motivation, aggressiveness

Earth → value, material, stability, foundation

Air → Thinking, communication, intelligence, transition

Water → emotion, empathy, sentiment, mystical

In the past, the Great Conjunction was occurring in the earth constellation, and values were placed on material wealth and possessions, as symbolized by the development of industry in the late 1800s, and the creation of various products. New things such as home appliances were created one after another.

As the era of the land, where having things was a status, approached a transition, the way of working also changed with the rise of minimalists, crowd-sourcing, and side jobs. As if to support this trend, the Corona disaster has led to a change in the way we work. When land ownership goes too far, it can lead to obsession, but we are entering a trend of letting go of that obsession. Now that we have entered the “Air of Wind,” this trend will accelerate even further.

The theme of the Age of Air is “The Invisible.

The “Age of Air” will be an age that values knowledge, experiences, human connections, networks, and new things. There is a trend to create new systems, such as the introduction of programming classes in elementary schools.

“After all, how should I spend my time in the Age of Air?”

If you’re feeling a little anxious about entering a new era, don’t worry. The “Air Age” has just begun, and the real changes are just beginning. If you think that you will go back to your normal life after the Corona disaster is over, you should do your preparatory work now so that you will not be left behind by the flow of the times.

From reviewing the lifestyle of the age of the earth.

This Great Conjunction is taking place in Aquarius, the element of air. Not only will it create a new flow, but it will also review what was decided in Capricorn (Earth). Although Aquarius is in charge of invisible things, it is a “realist” sign. They don’t make sudden changes that cause everything to fall apart. So, start by reviewing your past bad habits without getting too worked up.

It’s okay to start with what is closest to you. By breaking down the old, you can make room for the new. Then, challenge yourself to do something you haven’t taken the first step in before. There is still time for the tide to turn in earnest. It is important to gather as much information as possible and determine if it is correct. If you get wrong information, it is easy to change course and start over. In any case, believe in yourself and work on what you want to do and what attracts you.

Communicate yourself as an individual.

The way to spend your time in Aquarius is to listen to yourself, which you have been too busy to pay attention to. From now on, the individual will be respected, as opposed to the “age of the earth,” when socialization in groups was strong. If you have been too cautious to speak your mind in a group, train yourself to speak up, no matter how small.

If you feel uncomfortable saying what you want to say in person, you can start with Twitter or TikTok. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people, regardless of whether or not they are your actual friends.

I hope you all welcome the coming age of air with excitement! And… it would be wonderful if the entire world would change like a ripple effect as we individually think about what we can leave behind for our descendants who will live in the “Age of Water” 200 years from now!



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