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Connect with flowers by feeling what they feel


If you love flowers or love to grow plants, I think you will understand this but I name each flower I grow in my garden and greet them every day.

For instance, in one morning, I say “Good morning, Pierre,” to the Pierre de Ronsard (a type of rose) that I have kept for 10 years in my garden while I check the conditions of the leaves.

Not only that, but I also try to make some time to relax and feel the energy of the flowers in my daily life.

It is fun to see how your chatty brain is turned into natural tender colors. You can also receive messages or beautiful images from the plants.

Let me introduce it to you.

Conversations with flowers -beginner course-

1. Pick one flower that catches your eye, or one that you like (It could also be a leaf or a tree.)

2. Stare at the flower until you feel as if you are the flower itself.

3. Slowly imagine in detail how pure water is sucked through the thin stem and spreads to the flower petals, one by one.

Feel and sense what the flower is thinking and how it is blooming to express what it feels. If possible, synchronize with the flower (If it is difficult to do so, just cherish the image that comes to you).

4. Stay connected with the flower for a few minutes until you feel it is enough, and then come back to presence.

Did you feel anything? Did an image come to you? Or did the flower show you something?

Regardless of if you felt something or did not feel anything, it may be a good idea to have a moment like this in your daily life.

You can use this method with crystals, too.

Enjoy your conversations with plants and crystals!

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