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Poem by an Angel – A summer afternoon memory of my encounter with angels.


This is a story of something that happened to me in bed in between sleeping and waking, on a pleasant summer afternoon during a relaxing time when I was still a student.

I was vaguely remembering the shades of colors of the shining blond hair and the pink cheeks of the girls in my favorite painting at the Renoir exhibition that I had visited the previous week. At the very moment, words started flowing rhythmically into me like a fountain.

My thoughts turned into poems one after another as if the Venus’ breath turns into the color of rose as soon as it comes out of her mouth, or like a kid’s graffiti in an anime is given life and started moving as it is drawn.

I felt this beautiful feeling where my thoughts turned into sparkling particles and were spilling down at the very moment that they left the present time and went into the past.

“What is this?!”
I laughed in surprise and then became certain the next moment that angels were around me with no proof.

-There are angels around me, and they are touching my thoughts.

While I felt connected with the pure energy, I clearly remember wishing to stay like that forever with my eyes closed, rolled into a blanket, as my thoughts are translated into the angels’ sensitive sounds.

After the incident, angels that had been vague existences to me became more real and familiar, and I started to receive more and more ideas from them in my life.

I think it is the easiest for us to connect with the holy energy when we are thinking about something that we love, something fun, and something that moves us, and of course, the very moment that we are being moved.

I also think that everyone will realize someday that the sparkle is within ourselves.

If you have a story about your encounter(s) with angel(s) and holy existence(s) that we do not pay attention to in our daily lives but certainly do exist, please share it with us!  →MailForm

I am hoping to share it here in my blog. 

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