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Angels live everywhere


I traveled to New York City this summer.
You may think that angels only live in the sweet scent of roses and nature, but I could feel that they quietly sent love at their own pace and in their own rhythm in the melting pot of different races and people’s smiles, even in a busy city like a New York.

You can always find angels in beautiful sounds, prayers, and vows, does’t matter if it is in a quiet countryside or in a loud city.
We human beings can draw beautiful images (dreams) and bring out beautiful sounds (words).
So let’s imagine a future, say beautiful words (such as compassion and love), and spend time with prayers.

Make a time, even 5 minutes each day, to synchronize your vibration to angels’ voices.
It’s ok if you don’t hear anything.
Angels will certainly give you an answer to your life.

Believe, be optimistic, and spread your wings!

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夢を見るのも聞くのも好き。夢を持つ人のインスピレーションとなるのがお仕事。ほんのちょっとスピリチュアルに過ごしてる日々を綴ってます。I like liste...




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