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The full moon’s magic


When I was a teenager and in love with someone, I would try to use even a little bit of energy to cast a love spell that I had come up with to win his heart.

Among those love spells, the one that worked especially well was the one where you fill a glass with water on a full-moon night and reflect the moon on the surface. Then you finish drinking the water while making a wish.

This spell is good for not only love but it can be used for any type of energy charge. You should definitely try it!

Full moon is when the moon faces the sun and shines the brightest by reflecting the light from the sun. I am going to introduce 2 simple spells with the light from full moon.

@Full moon water recipe

Leave a bottle of mineral water overnight where it can receive the light from the moon.

Full moon water is versatile :It can be used for drinking, bathing, and casting spells. You can also mix your favorite essential oil to create a full moon water spray.

The full moon water traps in the energy of the full moon. This should make it more effective than regular water!

@Full-moon beauty spell

On a full-moon night, stand where the moon shines in to catch the moon light on bare skin at the part of the body where you would like to be more fit.

Then pray for the Moon Goddess out loud, such as “Moon Goddess, please make my breast bigger,” (Your upper body will be exposed in this case.) and “Moon Goddess, please make my waist more slender.”

If you feel like the way people around you look at you have changed after the spell, then it means that the spell has worked and you have become more attractive! Be confident and go out to have fun!

Due to its powerful energy, full moon can make you more passionate in love and relationships. On the other hand, it can also make you emotional. Don’t be arrogant and stay humble and graceful!

Spiritual Ranking



夢を見るのも聞くのも好き。夢を持つ人のインスピレーションとなるのがお仕事。ほんのちょっとスピリチュアルに過ごしてる日々を綴ってます。I like liste...




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